Liana Ghukasyan / Լիանա Ղուկասյան

Born in Magdeburg in Germany (1986), lives and works in Milan, Italy


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Training Workshops and Residencies

2012 Artistic residence (15 -30 June) “IngombrArt” organized by Vincenzo Elefante and

Rosaria della Valle, Maddaloni ,Caserta

2012 Artistic residence (1-31 May) “TU DONNA: 10-a Edizione” (Grandi Eventi) in

collaboration with the Archeological Museum of Calatia, Museum of Maddaloni

orghanized by Vincenzo Elefante and Rosaria della Valle, Maddaloni, Caserta

2012 Is a member of The Union of Artists of the Republic of Armenia

2011 Workshop “Installation in Progress” Armenian Center for Contemporary

Experimental ( ACCEA) organized by Seda Shekoyan, Erevan, Armenia


Group Shows and Art Fairs

2015 “C.A.R. 2015 Ruhr Museum” Essen Germany, “ARTVILNIUS’15” Vilnius

Lituania, “Art-Athina 2015” Athene Greece.

2014 “The Others” 2014 Turin Italy, “BAF Bergamo 2014” Bergamo Italy,

“Art-Athina 2014” Athene Greece, “Art Safari Bucharest ” Romania

2014 “Non bussare alla mia porta”(Don’t knock at my door) – “Malaga home gallery”

organized by Giuditta Deodato, Milan

2013 “Credo nella storia dei miei piedi, e dei fiori gialli” (I believe in the story of my foot

and in the yellow flowers) organized by Giuditta Deodato, Progettoarte-elm gallery, Milan

2015 “PanoRama” dedicated to Carol Rama, Allesio Moitre Gallery, Turin, Italy

2015 “FREED” Naxos Castel Naxos, Greece

2015 “The Format follow” The Format contemporary gallery, Milan

2014 “L’Urlo della Crisi” (The howl of the Crisis) connected with the exhibition of Edvard

Munch, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa

2013 “Ritratto in vita” organized by Antonia Pansera, Open Art Milano, Milan

2013 “BRERART-2013” CONTEMPORARY ART WEEK, organized by Claudio Cerritelli,

Chiara Canali, Federica Bianconi, Brera, Milan

2013 “Il Genocidio e i fiori” (The Genocide and the Flowers) performance 24.04.2013

dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide, with the support of the Famiglia

2013 “ Il piacere non dissoluto” (The non profligated pleasure) organized by Antonia

Pansera and Pietro di Lecce, spazio Superground, Milan

2013 “Donna estrema Donna” (Woman extreme Woman) Sblu Gallery, Milan

2012 “La divina follia del femminile” (The divine femminile madness) (performance)

organized by Nicoletta Braga, Casa della Cultura, Milan

2012 “Global Project / Frame 3 performance” by Nicoletta Braga, Amy-d Gallery , Milan

2011 “Dialoghi dal corpo” (Dialogues from the Body) Association circuiti dinamici of the

cultural circle of Bertolt Brecht, Milan

2011 “Nudo d’oggi” (Nude of today) organized by Georgia Berra, Contemporary Art

Gallery Galleria d’ Arte Spazio Tacconi, Milan

2011 “H2O” Sartirana Castle, organized by Ignazio Gadaleta, Sartiarana

2011 “Fuzzy Art. Arte di confine” organized by Giuditta Deodato, Progettoarte-elm, Milan

2011 “In – on paper in carta sulla carta” organized by Margherita Labbe, Piacenza

2011 “Letture e interazioni fra poesia e arti visive allievi dell’ accademia di Brera”

(Readings and interactions between poem and visual arts Brera Accademy

students) organized by Margherita Labbe, Archivio Ricerca Visiva , Milan

2011 “80.000 cm2” Studio Gabelli –Contemporary Art Milan

2011 “Persefone” organized by Georgia Berra Vinci Institute, Gallarate

2010 “Multi- layered identity and social structure” Armenian center of contemporary

experimental art (ACCEA) organized by Sonia Balassanian, Erevan, Armenia

2010 “Presenze Assenze di Corpi” (presences absences of bodies) Spazio Taccori

Contemporary Art, Milan

2009 “Giovani artisti senza muro” (young artist without a wall Glocal Art 2.) organized by

Marina Mojana, Fabbrica del Vapore Milan

2007 “The Armenian Genocide” National Museum of Erevan, Armenia


Competitions and Awards

2013 “Alida Epremian” Winner of Competition

2012 “Premio Tiziano 2012 La percezione psicologia” Selected for the competition

2011 “Paolo Parati Rinasci Arte” second prize, Milan

2011 “Il mondo un Russo” International competition, winner

2010 “Premio Amici di Brera” first prize, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan

1995 “ Womens in Caucus ” winner of Painting competition Unicef, Armenia Erevan



2008-2014 Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. Faculty of visual arts

2003-2008 Diploma of Painting at Fine Arts College of P. Terlemezyan Yerevan, Armenia

1995-2003 Diploma of Painting at Fine Arts School of Cambarak – Armenia